When you join the BDIYI you automatically receive membership of the Iyengar Yoga

Association (UK). As a member of the BDIYI and IYA (UK) you will receive:

Local newsletters - full of information and useful articles about yoga and our local yoga community

* Reduced price tickets for local yoga events

* Advance notice of BDIYI's very popular yoga events and special classes

* A free copy of the IYA (UK) magazine, Iyengar Yoga News, published twice a year

  1. *All the associated benefits of IYA (UK) membership

Membership costs £13 per year

The simplest way to join or renew your membership with the BDIYI

is to pay online via the IYA UK Website:

Bradford and District Iyengar Yoga Institute

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Join the BDIYI and receive membership to the Iyengar Yoga Association UK as well as:

Local newsletters,

Reduced ticket prices to events

A free copy of the IYA UK magazine

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The BDIYI holds special events throughout the year.

Check out our events page for the latest info and on how to book.